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Recent Advances in Phospholipids from Colostrum, Milk and Dairy By-Products.

Recent Advances in Phospholipids from Colostrum, Milk and Dairy By-Products.

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1 Abstract Title Recent Advances in Phospholipids from Colostrum, Milk and Dairy By-Products.

2 Abstract Source International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 18, 173.

3 Abstract Author(s) Verardo, V., Gómez-Caravaca, A. M., Arráez-Román, D. & Hettinga, K.

4 Article Affiliation Department of Chemistry and Physics (Analytical Chemistry Area), Research Centre for Agricultural and Food Biotechnology (BITAL), Agrifood Campus of International Excellence, ceiA3, University of Almería, Carretera de Sacramento s/n, 04120 Almería, Spain.

5 Abstract Milk is one of the most important foods for mammals, because it is the first form of feed providing energy, nutrients and immunological factors. In the last few years, milk lipids have attracted the attention of researchers due to the presence of several bioactive components in the lipid fraction. The lipid fraction of milk and dairy products contains several components of nutritional significance, such as ω-3 and ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, CLA, short chain fatty acids, gangliosides and phospholipids. Prospective cohort evidence has shown that phospholipids play an important role in the human diet and reinforce the possible relationship between their consumption and prevention of several chronic diseases. Because of these potential benefits of phospholipids in the human diet, this review is focused on the recent advances in phospholipids from colostrum, milk and dairy by-products. Phospholipid composition, its main determination methods and the health activities of these compounds will be addressed.

6 Summary The studies about phospholipid composition of colostrum, milk and dairy by-products have significantly increased in the last few years. The literature data show that different factors, such as mammalian genetics, lactation stages, geographical origin, diet and cultural traditions, among others, are the principal factors that influence the phospholipid content and composition. The importance of these bioactive compounds encouraged also food and analytical chemist to improve their analytical approach (from a classical to an “omics” approach) in order to obtain new information about milk and dairy phospholipids.

Finally, the biological effects reported by these compounds show the importance of milk and dairy products as a source of phospholipids and may underlie the metabolic benefits of the consumption of full-fat dairy products. Moreover, the recovery of phospholipids from dairy by-products is interesting due to the beneficial effects that phospholipid isolates may provide to human health.

7 Article Published Date 18-jan-2017.

8 Study Type Review.

9 Substances Colostrum.

10 Diseases Metabolic disorders.

11 Pharmacological Actions Metabolic benefits.

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